New Chair

Believe it or not, it’s a pretty big thing when some one that spends the majority of their time in a wheelchair gets a new one.  Well I have a new one on order and it should have been here by now, this is leaving me very anxious. These things are not cheap, this one is going to come in at over seven grand, which is a total rip off as they have so very few moving parts and for that I could be a decent used vehicle that has more moving parts then you would want to count.  They say, well it’s custom-made and it’s made with titanium and carbon fiber and and…etc.  I’m pretty confident that for that much money they can buy enough material to make about 50 of these things.  They are light, the designs and quality have come a long ass ways from my first chair, but still $7000.00 for something with less than 15 feet of material if it was all laid out straight is nuts if it isn’t gold-plated.

So with knowing how much it cost and that you aren’t going to be dishing out that sort of money every year or so, you worry about the fit and the comfort.  You worry that maybe you ordered it with the wrong measurement in about 20 different places, although a wrong measurement in just one of those places can completely kill the whole chair for you. You can of course get chairs that have the option for multiple adjustments, but that also adds weight and more additional pieces to break over time.  This new chair will be the first one that I’ve completely trusted my measurements on from past chairs and it will have very little ability to adjust.

While other people just see you in a wheelchair, they don’t realize just how much a wheelchair means to you.  They don’t realize that the difference between the one they’ve played with at a hospital and the one you are setting in is like the difference between the cheapest car on the market and a half a million dollar super car.  All they see is a wheelchair, but a wheelchair is not just a wheelchair.  What you can do in one doesn’t always mean you can do it in another.

So yea if you can’t tell, I’m a little anxious about this new chair. I’ll be sure to take a picture or two when it comes in and compare it to the old one.


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